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St Lucia By Kirk 

Welcome to the Journey

St Lucia A few years ago I built a website for my wedding photography and the site included a blog.

So being a newbie blogger I started blogging about all the weddings I was shooting but soon discovered that there was only so much blogging I could do on weddings before it became – well – kind of boring…

…And then the idea hit me like a ton of bricks –


“Hey Kirk, why not start posting A Picture A Day For A Year!”


So I started the very next day, continued for a year and had so much fun sharing My St Lucia with everyone who came along to hang out with me, that I thought:

“Why not do it again but this time with a blog that shares the best of St Lucia with you as well as all the other fun stuff that I am into these days.

Here’s Some Of What You Will
Find On This Site:


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  • St Lucia Discount Card with over U$500.00 in Savings at over 25 local businesses … Plus a chance to win a FREE St Lucia Vacation… Get Details
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  • …And so much more…

And while I won’t be posting a picture everyday – boy that was hard work! … I’ll be posting to this blog regularly with fun upbeat posts that I hope you will find are entertainingly educational about the REAL St Lucia – the St Lucia you wish to experience if you are a visitor, or the one that you are nostalgic for if you are a Lucian living abroad.

So think of this blog as The Ultimate St Lucia Chill Out Spot Online… 

And I’d really love for you to join me in the fun by commenting on and sharing my posts.

With that said let me again welcome you to Saint Lucia By Kirk – A slice of the Real St Lucia that is so very dear to me …